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If you have any concerns please read this collection of frequently asked questions before contacting us. If you are still unclear about something feel free to contact.

There are many kinds of savings/deposit, which one should I choose?

We offer various savings and deposits schemes to suit the different segments and needs of the society. You are free to choose the scheme that suits your requirement. Listed below are the products we offer:

Savings Account

  1. NMB Umanga Bachat
  2. NMB Talab Bachat Khata
  3. NMB Nari-Samman Bachat Khata
  4. NMB Saral Bachat Khata
  5. NMB Delight Savings 
  6. NMB Share Khata
  7. NMB Young Savers Account
  8. NMB Bank Manyajan Bachat Khata
  9. NMB Atulya Bachat


  1. NMB Bank Sulav Muddati Bachhat
  2. NMB Bank Manyajan Muddati
  3. NMB Bank Education Plan
  4. Individual Fixed Deposit

To activate your “Dormant” account, you can visit our nearest branch.

We recommend you to subscribe for e-banking (Link to e banking) facility. You can view your monthly statement through this.

The frequency of interest pay-out offered is as under:

  Savings Account Sualv Muddati Bachat Manyajan Muddati Bachat
Interest Payout Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly

Please visit your branch (where your account is) for the same. Our staff will guide you for further process.

You can register for Email Statement/s through our e-banking (Link) facility.

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