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NMB Mero Kramik Khata is a product based on the principle of recurring deposit. A recurring deposit is a kind of term deposit product which offers higher interest rate to the customers.

Under Mero Kramik Khata, customers can choose a fixed amount slab which they can transfer for a defined period of time every month to earn highest return and also spur savings habit at the same time.

  • Passport/Related Document
  • Citizenship for Nepali Citizens
  • Age between 18 to 60 years
  • Completely filled Personal Account Opening Form
  • Copy of Citizenship Certificate
  • One passport size photograph
  • Letter of Understanding
  • Term Life insurance upto 500,000 (10 times of monthly deposit amount)
  • Mobile banking (transaction alerts only – debit restricted)
  • Free Internet Banking (view only – debit transaction restricted)
  • Grace period of 10 days from commitment date if the amount is not deposited in the savings account on the commitment date.
  • Flexible monthly deposit plan(s) – NPR 1,000 / 5,000 / 10,000 / 25,000 / 50,000
Mero Kramik Khata is based on the principle of RD (Recurring Deposit) that offers higher interest rate with additional benefit of term life insurance.
Yes. Individuals from 18-60 years age groups are only eligible to open this account.
No, Joint account cannot be opened under this product.
Yes, there is insurance facility available in Mero Kramik Khata.
Term Life Insurance for any causes of death (except suicide) and permanent total disability are covered under this product.
No, medical report is not required to be submitted prior to opening the account.
Customer should declare regarding any pre-existing illness in the letter of understanding during account opening. Customer will not be insured against death arising out of such pre-existing illness.
To make monthly deposit, customers must have one saving account maintained at any branch of NMB through which s/he can provide Standing Instruction (SI) to the Bank to debit minimum monthly deposit amount. The customers are required to make minimum monthly deposit on the date of account opening & every month thereafter. Grace period is provided to the customer if there is insufficient amount in the saving account on the commitment date.
It’s an additional period from the commitment date that a customer receives in a month to make minimum deposit. The Grace Period under this product is 10 days from the commitment date.
Customer shall not be provided term insurance facility in case monthly payment is not deposited on the commitment date or within the provided 10 days grace period from the commitment date but can continue his/her RD without term insurance facility. Also, penal fees will also be charged and accumulated which will be deducted at the time of maturity.
Insurance coverage amount, breakage charge and penal charge are determined based on the minimum monthly deposit made by the customers. The details are mentioned below. Minimum Monthly Deposit (NPR) Term Life Insurance coverage (NPR) Premature breakage charge (NPR) Penal Fee (for late payment exceeding 10 days grace period)(NPR) 1,000 N/A 50 10 5,000 NPR 50,000 200 20 10,000 NPR 100,000 300 30 25,000 NPR 250,000 400 50 50,000 NPR 500,000 500 50
Yes, all transactions initiated by customerare restricted (all customer induced transactions are both debit and credit prohibited)
Debit card cannot be subscribed under this product whereas for Mobile and Internet Banking only viewing options are available.
Customer need to visit nearest branch & provide Mero KramikKhata closure request. Appropriate breakage charges will be applicable.
The documents required to open account are as follows: ? RD request form ? Customer Declaration
The documents required for claiming insurance are as follows: In case of Death Intimation Letter from the beneficiary within 60 days Death certificate Relation certificate between account holder Police Report Autopsy Report Citizenship certificate of the deceased and beneficiary and passport size photo of the beneficiary In case of Permanent Total Disability Intimation letter from insured/nearest kin within 60 days Treatment paper related to accident Disability claim form Police Report
In case of accountholder’s death, the amount shall be paid to his/her nearest beneficiary as per the government rules. Insurance company upon receipt of all the required documents shall verify and proceed for the claim settlement within 15 working days.
An insured can claim for insurance only once during his/her life time.
No, direct credit to the account is not allowed.
Yes, multiple RD accounts can be opened by the customer.
Yes. Customers can avail loan against recurring deposit up to 90% amount after 3 months of regular deposit. The rate of loan against RD will be as per prevailing STC.
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