NMB Bank

Young Savers Account helps you save not only your child’s happiness, education and other essentials but also ensures that your child learns to manage money and also the habit of saving for rainy days. This account is exclusively designed for children and student.

  • Minimum Balance: NPR. 100

  • Interest Calculation on Daily Balance and payable quarterly

  • Free Internet banking for first two year.

  • Free mobile Banking for first two year.

  • Debit Cards charge:

  • Rs. 1250- if customers opt to pay in 5 installments (i.e. Rs 250 per year).

  • For lump sum payment customers shall get discount of Rs. 250(i.e. Issuance charge of Rs. 1000)

  • Card Validity: 5years

  • Special Note: As this account also targets minors as customers; this account will be blocked once customer attains majority i.e. completes 18 years of age / submits citizenship. Related documents will be obtained by the bank from customer. The account will be available for operation upon updating customer’s signature in system as per instruction provided by customer.

Rates & Fees

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