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NMB Bank Credit Card(Nepalese Rupee) is a chip based credit card, featured with Verified By Visa (VbV). With 3D Secure, you can render service for online payment to selected merchants with the NMB Bank Credit Card.

Benefits of NMB Bank Credit Card:

  • No more hassle of carrying cash and risk of it being stolen or lost.
  • Saves time for withdrawing cash over the counter.
  • Convenience of accessing account from any ATM/POS 24 hours 365 days a year.
  • Inquire your account balance form any ATM terminals
  • Association with the Global brand of Visa International

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  • Minimum age requirement :
    • Primary: 22 years
    • Supplementary: 16years
  • Should be Nepalese Nationals
  • Minimum Monthly Income
    • Salaried: Rs.10,000/-
    • Self-employed: Rs.12,000/-

Criteria & documentation

  • Professionals & salaried individuals.
    • Annual Salary Certificate from the Employer (At least 2 years of Service).
    • Copy of Citizenship & Latest Photograph.
  • Partnership/Proprietorship/Self-employed
    • Business in operation for 3 Years
    • Company Registration document/s
    • Latest Tax certificate and financial statement
    • Copy Of Citizenship & latest Photograph
  • No income documents required for those who would like to take a credit card against:
    • Lien on Fixed Deposit / Current or Savings Account With NMB Bank Ltd.


  • Chip based secured credit card.
  • No need to have an Account at NMB Bank Ltd.
  • Flexible payment option between 10% to 100%
  • Auto Debit Facility
  • Advance Cash withdrawal facility of 25% of credit limit or Rs.16,000/- whichever is lower
  • Supplementary Card Facility
  • Over-limit Facility (upto 10% of the limit)
  • Wide acceptance in India and Nepal
  • E-statement service
  • Maximum 45 days of Credit facility
  • 3D Secure Service to facilitate Safe Online Payment
  • Convenient and Safe
Rates & Fees

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